Allegoro Ribbed Tee

July 27, 2011

DSC_6575, originally uploaded by mcelwainamy.

I don’t post very much because I don’t think that I have anything important to say.

But I am very excited because this is my first (non self) published pattern! Thanks to Meg especially and everyone at Classic Elite Yarns for their help and support!



May 8, 2010

Buttercup, originally uploaded by mcelwainamy.

I finished knitting this last week but never posted the pictures. It was quick, easy and fun to knit. The pattern is Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmaier and I knit it in Berroco Pure Pima. I absolutely love this yarn such a joy to knit with!

Plain Jane Hoodie

January 8, 2010

Plain Jane Hoodie, originally uploaded by mcelwainamy.

I finally finished knitting this, I started it about 3 months ago but the Christmas knitting got in the way. The yarn was given to me by the nicest person in the world, It was given to her by her Aunt Charlotte who bought it on Prince Edward Island who knows how many years ago.


Plain Jane Hoodie

Buttons, finally!

August 22, 2009

I am so bad about sewing buttons onto my finished sweaters. I finished this one on July 18th! and have finally sewed the damn things on today. I’m not sure how much I like the top now after having it sit on the arm of the couch for a month. And yes it is the same top as the one that I call Cassie made me do it, just in a slightly heavier yarn. (Rowan Silk Cotton).

Herringbone Lace Blouse

Herringbone Lace Blouse